Sandtec Sandrails

History of Sandtec Sand Rails

I started building sandrails back in 1977 for personal use, friends, and family. Being a paraplegic I started building hand controls. My goal was to find ways of making it an accessible sport for everyone. After trying many hand controls, electric shifters, air operated clutches, etc. I found they were more work than fun. So the 40 year old VW technology was abandoned and the unlimited technology of the 80's and 90's was embraced. Custom frame building also became my task because there were so few doing custom work.


Some past projects:

1000cc mini GEO's

2.2 Dodge Daytona turbo

3.1 GM

3.5 Dodge Intrepid twin turbo

600 SuZuki txr600,

LS3 / LS7 v-8

For more information, contact Dave:

Phone: (435) 882-4473


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